Established in 1937 as a small material producer in Northwest Missouri, Loch Sand and Construction Company has grown to be a successful and respected general contractor in its trade area. The closely-held family corporation is now in its 4th generation of ownership and management.

From aggregate material production to ready-mix concrete in the late 1940’s, the firm has become a major contractor in site preparation and utility construction work. Loch Sand and Construction Company has worked in multiple states over the years, with the current focus on work primarily in Missouri.

Since the 1960’s, the firm has been involved in site preparation work on numerous major projects in our trade area. Many clients are ranked as the top companies in the United States. Work has also been performed for numerous governmental agencies as both a prime contractor and subcontractor. During the late sixties, the firm expanded its work to include heavy highway construction.  Loch completed diverse highway and bridge projects throughout Missouri and several other adjacent states.  Project size over the years has ranged from very small to twenty plus million dollars.

Loch’s home office is located in Maryville, Missouri, which is approximately 45 miles north of St. Joseph, Missouri.  Branches have been located in Kansas City, St. Joseph and on-site project offices at different times in Loch’s history to keep company personnel in close proximity to the work and clients we serve. 

Over the years, Loch Sand and Construction Company has taken a firm position that “THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY”.  Today we are building on that tradition of quality in all the work the firm performs. Loch looks to the future to provide quality construction with quality personnel and equipment in a timely, professional manner.

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