Since the 1960’s, Loch Sand and Construction has been a leading contractor in the performance of concrete site work and development. No project is too small or too large for Loch to prepare a proposal. We have worked on small sites to multi-million dollar commercial and industrial projects.

Computerized digital take-off allows Loch to accurately quantify the scope of work and to offer three dimensional (3-D) drawings showing site designs using global positioning satellite (GPS) equipment. Consequently, a site can be developed with limited survey and staking work and project savings are generated by using these up-to-date delivery systems.

Loch can develop an entire site, from site remediation and demolition to excavation, grading, underground utilities and soil stabilization. This results in a turn-key site ready for building construction to begin.

For those not-too-suitable sites, Loch performs soil stabilization whether the on-site material requires fly-ash, lime, or soil cement stabilization.

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